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Why are Safety Aircraft (Coastguard, Police Dept., etc.) not cited for noise or curfew violations?

Emergency/Law Enforcement aircraft, Military aircraft, aircraft owned by the United States of America or the State of California, Civil Air Patrol and aircraft conducting tests are specifically exempted by the Torrance Municipal Code (TMC 46.8.10 & 51.4.2).

Can I get an exemption for an Early Morning departure?

Yes.  Exemptions are allowed for certain circumstances.  Contact the Noise Abatement office at (310)784-7950 or noiseabatement@torranceca.gov, for applications and information.

How do I get a Noise test?

Noise tests must be arranged with the Noise Abatement office prior to departure.  Noise tests can be pre-arranged by visiting the Noise Abatement office, via telephone or noiseabatement@torranceca.gov .  Noise Abatement staff will need a tail number, type of aircraft, approximate time of departure, and name and contact information for the pilot, so test results can be relayed to the pilot.  Noise Test requests without complete information may not be processed and could result in a violation.  Noise Tests requested after a flight may not be honored and could result in a violation. Please contact the Noise Abatement office for further information at (310)784-7950 or noiseabatement@torranceca.gov .

Why is the Coast Guard helicopter flying over my house?

The Coast Guard may be responding to an emergency, flying routine duty flights or training.  It is best to call the Coast Guard Public Affairs at (310) 521-4260/ (310) 781-0619 After Hours.

What is a Noise Test?

Noise test are used to let new pilots know what the actual noise levels are for their aircraft when conducting operations at Torrance Airport, verifying sound levels of aircraft after maintenance or alterations and for correcting violations of the noise code.  Pilots can contact the Noise Abatement office when a test is needed and staff will work with pilots to get an aircraft into acceptable noise limits.  Please contact the Noise Abatement Office at (310)784-7950 or noiseabatement@torranceca.gov .

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