Noise Complaints Guidelines & Standards

Submitting a Noise Concern

The City of Torrance encourages residents to express their concerns about aircraft-related noise to the appropriate agencies.  The airport Noise Abatement office is responsible for investigating and responding to aircraft-related noise from arrivals and departures, curfew hours violations, as well as noise from aircraft training within the immediate vicinity of the airport.  The primary method to report a noise concern is through the File a Complaint section of NoiseLab. When a complaint is filed through Noise Lab complaints system, an email confirming the reciept of the complaint is sent, but follow up from Noise Abatement Staff will occur only when a violation is found. Noise Abatement staff will investigate aircraft noise complaints and follow up with the pilots when a violation is found.

Guidelines & Standards

  • Employees on duty will review/investigate all complaints and determine the appropriate response.
  • Noise complaints will only be logged when they contain accurate and complete information, including the first and last name, physical address, date and time of the noise occurrence, and means of contact if feedback is requested.
  • Noise complaints will only be logged when submitted through the Noise Lab complaints system. While Staff will investigate complaints recieved through phone calls and/or emails, they will not be logged in the Noise Lab system.
  • Staff will only  contact a reporting party if a violation is found.
  • Staff will not process auto-generated complaints.

How to Identify Aircraft

When contacting the appropriate agency, it is helpful to provide some identifying information about the aircraft. All aircraft flying in this area are on the radar and can be tracked. Follow these steps to identify the aircraft:                                                                                          1.  See the Casper Flight Tracker                                                                                                                            2.  Select a flight on the screen                                                                                                                         Torrance/Zamperini Field Flight Tracker website allows you to click on a particular aircraft to see the tail number, aircraft type, and current altitude. The details shown may vary according to the type of flight.